Gavin Mortimer
Gavin Mortimer


Gavin Mortimer is a best-selling writer, historian and TV consultant whose books have been published in Britain and the USA. Gavin is the leading authority on WW2 special forces having interviewed over 100 veterans from the UK, USA, Germany and elsewhere. He is currently researching a groundbreaking biography of SAS founder David Stirling, which will be published by Constable in 2021, while next year will also see the publication by Osprey of Gavin's history of Z Special Unit, one of the most audacious (and little known) special forces' outfits of the war. Later this year his battlefield guide to SAS operations in France in 1944 will be published by Pen & Sword.

In 2015 Gavin was the guest speaker at the annual SBS Frankton Dinner, and he has made presentations to serving members of the SAS and SBS about the wartime history of their units.

Gavin prides himself on putting truth before political correctness and has argued on BBC radio against the cultural appropriation of the first world war.

Gavin's other interest is sport and his 2007 book, 'The Great Swim', the inspiring story of the first woman to swim the English Channel, was dramatised on BBC Radio 4.

Gavin has acted as a consultant to a number of documentaries including the BBC three-part series about the wartime SAS. He has also worked as an adviser for the National Army Museum for their 2018 exhibition about the history of Britain's Special Forces, and he will be assisting the Museum of Liberation in Paris for their 2022 exhibition about the war in North Africa 1940-3.

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